Singaporean Girl Reveals Her Secret Double Life As An Escort

Today we have with us a local Singaporean social escort who is willing to share with us her past experience working as a female escort in Singapore. Her pseudo name for this interview is Jamie (to protect her privacy), and she was aged between 22 to 25 when she worked as an escort while studying part time in Singapore. She is now in her young-mid 30s.

Jamie first got introduced to the industry by one random article online on AsiaOne (an online paper belonging to Straits Times but is now shut down), which talked about the tremendous earning potential for escorts in Singapore. According to Jamie, she was in a light debt situation and also wanted to enter a local university, but couldn’t afford the school fees. Unfortunately, her parents are honest people but certainly not well to do financially. Therefore, even if they wanted to, they were unable to support her to enter university, and so Jamie needed a way to earn her own money and clear off her personal debts as well. In fact, Jamie shared that 2 of her other friends who are also social escorts in Singapore are also looking to clear their university debt, and that she believes many others are in it mainly for similar reasons too – clearing debts.

Fate had it that it was at this time when Jamie saw the article of social escorts being able to make over $3000-6000 per month if they are attractive and are willing to work hard and often. This is a lot of money, considering how few hours they need to work to make that (more than) full time income!

When asked about her work, this is what Jamie had to say, “Well, sometimes I meet clients I love. Sometimes I meet clients I don’t quite like. But it’s the same in every service industry, you still do the best you can. Of course, the money makes it easier!”

When asked if she had any memorable experiences, Jamie recounted that there was an occasion where a client found that she looked a lot like a Hong Kong actress he really liked, and tipped her $1000 as a result of that. “Needless to say, I was super happy,” exclaimed Jamie.

Social escorts like Jamie specialized in something known as the girlfriend experience (GFE), which is going above and beyond what the regular escort does. This is also something that existing, top agencies like SG VIP Escorts specializes in. A regular escort is just employed by clients as a companion. However, one that specializes in the girlfriend experience is a companion who will completely pretend she is already the client’s girlfriend. The entire experience feels familiar for the clients because escorts with GFE are experienced at making the clients feel like they have known each other for ages even though they have only really met just a few minutes ago.

“A lot of people think that it is easy to pretend to be someone’s girlfriend and have the clients believe it is real. But it is not. This is because you may not necessarily like the client always. But even then, you need to make them feel as though the ‘love’ you are showing them is genuine. After all, clients pay so much for a fantasy.” Jamie informed us.

When asked about whether any of her family or friends know about her being a social escort, Jamie replied with a curt, “No way.”

Privacy is a big thing when it comes to social escorts, especially because although it is perfectly legal to be an escort in Singapore, Singapore’s still very conservative culturally. This means that most people still cannot accept the idea of being an escort in Singapore. Therefore, students doubling as social escorts in the evening or night like Jamie keep their lives as escorts separately from anyone they know. Keeping her ostentatious purchases such as luxury handbags and purses to a minimum is what she recommend starting escorts to do.

When asked if she is ever worried about being found out that she was an escort, Jamie replied, “Yes I am, but thankfully I was attached to an agency which took very good care of my privacy, and nothing personal was ever published or revealed, so it was great.”

When asked if she had advice to give to potential escorts or clients, Jamie said, “If you want to be an escort, read up more online about the work necessary. Also take time to make sure that the agency you are working with is registered with the local Singapore government; if they are not, they can easily get shut down and you will be stuck again with no income. If you want to be a client, please be a gentlemen, polite and nice! That goes a long way.”

“As an escort who wants more clients, make sure to take good photos, and then keep your schedule flexible. Most clients only book within the same day. Sometimes within 1-2 hours. So keeping your schedule free and flexible is recommended if you want more money. You never know when a client will contact you,” Jamie added.

We then asked if Jamie will continue working as a social escort once she has cleared her debts, to which she answered, “I did not think that I would before I joined, but you know, the money’s pretty attractive. I would probably be working for as long as I can since every escort has an expiring time.” Expiring time referring to that clients generally prefer younger escorts and that after a certain age, it gets harder for a girl to get lots of clients. So if you want to be an escort in Singapore, seems like TODAY is the best day for you! You are at your youngest and most youthful today!

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  1. Wow, this is pretty interesting. Wonder if any of my girl friends in Singapore are actually a social escort.

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