Working As An Escort Girl In Singapore – What To Expect

If you want to work as a social escort girl in Singapore, then this is a must read post for you. If you want to work for a good social escort agency in Singapore, then go here They’re one of the best agencies in Singapore.

Although some people like to make out such that being a social escort is such a dodgy career, it’s actually a highly rewarding career. I mean, essentially, social escorts are simply pretty girls who are PAID to date men. However, as Singapore is a culturally sensitive and conservative country, most people still see such women as unethical. But my question to them is this: don’t most Singaporean women also expect men to pay for their dates? Isn’t this akin to being a social escort if you break up with those men after 1 or 2 dates? I have so say that society is just full of hypocrites. If you want to be a social escort, go proudly be one and join a well known agency which can help you promote your services strongly and get you lots of high class customers.

It is important to note that working for the right or wrong agencies can have a very different impact on your career lifespan and earnings in this social escort scene. This is because some agencies charge too cheaply (e.g. $80-$100/hour) and attract the wrong type of clients – poor people. You want to work with an agency that charges at least around $500/hour so that your cut of it is higher and also because most clients are now wealthier and are therefore also generally more sophisticated and not some dirty old creep. Additionally, it will be much more fun to date high class, successful men when you are with the right agency and you will enjoy making money and having fun that way much more.

Social escort work can be very financially rewarding. Considering how most customers order around 2 hours of work, and that most good agencies charge average of $600/hour, this means that your cut is approximately $500 for 2 hours. Just two jobs a week will already nett you an extra $4000 per month! This is more money than almost any graduate job.

Some clients will try to be hanky panky with you. Do note that as a social escort, it is NOT your job to provide sexual services to your clients. Just like you wouldn’t expect to provide sexual services to the man you are matched with if you used a matchmaking agency, you wouldn’t expect to as well as a social escort regardless of what the media or people like to make it out to be. Of course, if you fancy the man and want to enjoy yourselves on your OWN accord, then obviously it’s fine, as it’s legal consent between two adults and is a non-paid activity. Just note it is not part of your work.

Although Singapore is a small country, the population is actually quite large for such a small city. So, if you’re worried about being ‘seen’, don’t be! You are not living in a small rural town where the population density is so low that you have a high chance of meeting people you know. Singapore is a first world city state and chances are, you will never ever meet a person you know when on escorting work. And even if you are ‘seen’, remember – as long as you work for the right agency, your clients are all wealthy and successful men in society, so you should be proud!

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