Why I Prefer Social Escort Services Over Clubbing

I was an avid club goer when I was in my early 20s (extremely young 20s), but as time passed by, I definitely didn’t enjoy it as much. Let’s be frank, the only reason I wanted to go to clubs was to get girls, NOT to get drunk or hang out with my bros. No way, that’s the excuse that guys give. The real reason almost every guy goes to the club is to get girls, so naturally, I thought that was the easiest way to have a no strings attached relationship with a hot girl… until I learnt about social escort models.

Seriously, the moment I learnt there was such a thing as social escort, I stopped going to clubs altogether, and started flirting with these models which I would engage from a local Singapore agency. Of course, a disclaimer is that I’m now in my mid 30s as an investment banking VP, and way richer than back in the early 20s and thus I can afford a social escort easily several times a month.

There are people who ask me why I would go out with a social escort when it will never become a long term relationship. My answer is simple – I don’t want a long term relationship now! I have money and time now, and men can get married late in Singapore and there will still be tons of women who want you as long as you are wealthy. Additionally, do you really think that I would go out for the long term with a random girl I picked up from a club? Hell no. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t go that direction as well, so might as well engage social escort services where I’m pretty much guaranteed a really hot girl, versus going to the club and hoping that a hot girl is available for me to snag that night. Additionally, I have to admit that I’m not the best looker in the crowd, so if the girl doesn’t know I’m rich, there’s pretty much little opportunity for me to get the girl.

If you want a recommendation for a local agency, then check out the social escorts model girls from local agency where I talked about in the other post. They provide some of the best girls I’ve ever seen from a local social escort company in Singapore.

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