What Is The Girlfriend Experience?

You must have heard of this term before. However, it’s understandable that you may not truly understand what this term means, as it’s not a widespread term across the world, but perhaps more specific to Singapore only.

Basically, girlfriend experience means enjoying the experience of having a girlfriend, such as hand holding, kissing, going out, e.t.c. but with a random girl. This girl is usually a very attractive model working at a local agency or social escort company and is ‘for-hire’ at sky high rates of $500 per hour or more. Therefore, the girlfriend experience or rather social escort services are usually meant for wealthier men with career success and want to now enjoy and have fun with beautiful women.

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Some random tips for those of you looking for a social escort:

  • Keep in mind that you should ideally look for a local girl when it comes to your social escort. Why? First of all, not all foreigners can work in Singapore. Therefore, if you engage a random tourist, you may get into legal trouble.
  • Also, in my opinion, most ‘typical’ China escorts are less attractive somehow and just don’t provide a realistic girlfriend experience, I very much prefer a local Singaporean SG girl, if I want to enjoy the companionship of a social escort. After all, they’re also sexier in my opinion.

In my opinion, engaging social escorts is lots of fun when you’re single. It’s basically like having a girlfriend but without any strings attached and no emotional hassles. How much more awesome can it be?? I have engaged the same escort a few times from SGVIPESCORTS.COM already and enjoy it everytime. If you want to know who I engaged from them then email me at admin@harum-bass.com as I don’t feel like publicly saying it here.

Cheers people.

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